Created in 1992, SEMTCAR is a semi-public company whose capital is held by Rennes Metropole (69%) and Transdev (30%). Its expertise : project control assistance, studies, advice, setting up of complex operations, project management, risk management.

SEMTCAR groups together numerous fields of competence in various activities : civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, road system, networks, transportation system, electromechanical equipement, urbanism, architecture, communications, coordination, public and private contracts...

Since it was created, SEMTCAR successfully managed the enormous construction project (studies and constructing) of Rennes's first light rail metro line, on behalf of Rennes Metropole urban community.

It is now managing the construction of the second line. Studies began in 2001, civil engineering works at the end of 2013 and the commissionning is expected in 2020.